Modern and Monochromatic

We love the dramatic statement this modern home by Concept Build and Sync Design makes on its urban landscape. It’s big, bold design is this home’s biggest drawcard, but it also had the potential to be cold. Sync Design’s masterful interior design avoids a clinical look through the use of texture and light throughout the residence to create warmth without veering from the show stopping monochromatic style.


For a home whose design relies so heavily on texture and light, luxurious sheers in a light grey were the perfect choice. Considering the choice of curtains early in the design process meant that curtain tracks could be recessed into the ceiling for a minimalist finish while the full-height curtains were given room to sweep dramatically between the custom staircase and the double-storey windows.

Acheron St

Project Type: Residential

Architect: Concept Build

Interior Design: Sync Design