About Us

Welcome to esenar, Melbourne’s first choice for curtains and blinds for luxury homes.


Specialising in high-end luxury homes, we have over 20 years’ experience crafting, installing and designing bespoke window furnishings for residences created by Melbourne’s elite architects and interior designers.


Our team is small, working with only the best installers, manufacturers and fabric makers to ensure your new curtains and blinds don’t just reflect the quality of your home, but elevate it. Our partnerships with Melbourne’s leading textile creators and importers allow us to source rare luxury weaves and materials.


At esenar, we see window treatments as an intrinsic component of design, one that takes into consideration light, texture, tones, and, most excitingly from a design perspective, movement of fabrics.

For high-end homes, curtains and blinds are more than just an after-thought; with our expert advice, your window furnishings can be expertly integrated into your home in ways you may have never considered.


Finding harmony between design and functionality can be difficult, but at esenar, we revel in the challenge.


If you don’t believe the choice and installation of window furnishings can be an artform, then prepare to be amazed.